Relaxing times

Coffee in Greece

You may not know this, but Greece is a place where you can find decent coffee. Greeks are very,very friendly. They love to sit with friends, drink coffee and talk for hours and hours without looking at their phones or apps (which is so weird nowadays ‘cos conversation without looking at your phone seems impossible)

When I’m in Greece, the first thing I do is buy these

 Yes I know these aren’t the BEST coffee products in the world, but they’re my haven and they bring memories back… You just make an ice frappé and enjoy it by the sea before going for a swim. Pure, simple pleasure.
P1040720 (2)
Jealous much? Don’t be. The sea was crawling with jellyfish that summer so I had to stay on the beach and read my books day after day.

Anyways, few months ago, my darling sister and I tried the mexican coffee in Mikel in Thessaloniki. If you ever find yourself in Greece, go there! The man behind this business is a true success story. He launched his first Mikel café at the age of 29 upgrading himself from an employee in a café to an owner of a nationwide coffee company. Well done ombre! 


The ingredients for the mexican coffee we had are:
-chocolate syrup
-shot of espresso
-more cinnamon on top

And the result is : 10/10 (the first time I had it) and 4/10 (the second time, different barista).

Lesson learned: NEVER forget to specify that you don’t want extra sugar in the coffee!


Relaxing movie for a fine Friday afternoon + a hot cocoa = floating on a cloud

I love watching novel adapted movies, especially the romance / historic ones. There’s something special inside each story and you always get to see how people in the past lived. I especially enjoyed watching “I capture the castle” and Henry Cavil being part of the cast had much to do with it 😉

The story is about a writer who lives in a castle with his family. After being unable to write anything for 12 years they become quite poor and his daughter, Rose, soon realizes that the only way to put meal on the table is if she marries their rich landowner, Simon, who has just arrived from America. Now it gets messy.

Rose wants to marry Simon because he’s rich. However, she likes his brother Neil (their thing was mutual). Rose’s sister Cassandra falls in love with Simon, who loves Rose but flirts with Cassandra as well. Stephen (portrayed by Henry Cavil <3) is their handyman. He loves Cassandra but she doesn’t love him back, although they french kissed once. But who wouldn’t with a guy who has a smile like that?

Rose gets engaged with Simon but ends up running away with his’ brother (classic!). Simon then proposes to Cassandra but she says it will never be good enough. And she’s right. NEVER SETTLE GIRLS, YOU DESERVE THE WHOLE DEAL! 

In order to get her father to write again Cassandra locks him in a cell. He has a meltdown but then starts writing a book called “The cat on the mat”. His’ story was very mysterious and reminded me of how we all get stuck in life sometimes. Everybody needs a little push from time to time in order to have a breakthrough and flourish. I just hope nobody will ever need to lock me down in order to get a positive outcome.

In the end Cassandra writes in her journal that she learned what it is to love and that she will love again. Even in movies, life does move on.