Month: February 2015

Banana and Coffee Smoothie / Ice cream


Ice version:

Refrigerated Milk (5 tbsp)
Coffee (one espresso shot / regular black coffee -2 ml / granulated coffee dissolved in H2O)
1 frozen banana (sliced)
Honey (1 tbsp)
Optional: cacao, cinnamon, nutmeg
-> MIX in blender {at least 400W} / food processor 

*tips: First add the milk then the banana and then the rest of the ingredients. Be careful not to put too much milk or coffee ‘cos you want your smoothie / ice cream to be rich and strong. If your blender blocks and doesn’t mix well, add more milk (just a bit). Mix with a spoon if necessary to help your blender.
For the honey part, put your tablespoon under hot water first and then add the honey. That way half of it doesn’t stay on your spoon and you won’t have to make a mess of yourself.

Drink immediately or put it in your freezer for 2 hours  / overnight for ice cream.  Enjoy 😉