Recovering from internet failure with World Barista Championship videos

Being unable to get an internet connection and update my blog was quite disturbing. It’s been three hours since they fixed the problem and now, I can continue living a normal life… (I’m well aware of how lame that sounds! :D)

The first thing I did was checking out what’s new on the youtube. Amazingly enough, an awesome clip was recommended to me from the WBC channel and I started digging for some other stuff and decided to share with the following video.

I liked this competitor best because he explained so well how the farmer, Mr Arnulfo Leguizamo produced his own coffee. The signature drink from this guy seems yummy, especially because I have a thing for cold coffee 😉

Mr Leguizamo explains the whole production process in this interesting article. He’s had years of experience, a ton of work and nice weather conditions before making the perfect coffee. I’ll definitely drop by his farm if I ever go to Colombia 🙂

I’m so ashamed that I haven’t thought of exploring the coffee industry sooner. There are so many information out there! I’ve learned so much since I’ve started this blog about coffee variations, production and importation of coffee.

Maybe I won’t be a Coffee Master any time soon but I will make up for all the things I’ve missed out on!


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